Emma Berg

Beautiful Things

Making garments that will live with you for years to come.  They should brighten your day when you put them on and when you see them hanging in your closet.

Style & Quality

I pride myself in creating garments from high quality materials, and have an affinity for silk.

Much of the finishing and detailing is done by hand. I love becoming lost in the work, spending hours on that extra special something, so that it's absolutely evident that the garment you receive is only for you.


I am inspired by the artists and art around me, so I surround myslef with creative and kind people. I know that makes my life better, and my work.


100% Made by People

Each garment is made in my New York studio by by me or partners in NY. The majority of the garments I sell are one of a kind.

Special Orders & Appointments

I do offer bespoke garments. Let's talk. emma@emmaberg.com

Making a Difference

At the heart of the desire to create is the need to tell a story. Each collection is an exploration of topics that are relevant and important to me. The story may be of tragedy, it may be a celebration. Regardless, it has a story that goes beyond the hem and sleeve, something that I hope further inspires you to celebrate what you love and work to change what you don't. To become active. To learn. To become involved. 

photo by Riley Johndonnell

About the Designer

Emma Berg lives in Manhattan and is a Minneapolis native, with a background in studio art and costume design. 

She has been creating limited run collections for nearly a decade, each with a unique story and perspective.

Her collections strive to inspire individuals to be or do something beyond their current place of comfort.